Life on a Bike

Life on a Bike

This post is somewhat unrelated to Life in Lingerie, but most Lille shoppers have seen my Dutch cruiser parked outside day after day, and many people ask about it, so I thought a bike-centric post would be well received. As residents of the #1 Sustainable city in America, it makes sense that many Portlanders eschew vehicular transportation in favor of a more environmentally-friendly mode of transit. I think we’ll see even more people opting to cycle to work in the coming months in light of the economic crisis. Proof positive of the growing popularity of bike commuting is yesterday’s New York Times Style section feature, “A Field Guide to the New York City Bicyclist.” As you can see from the slideshow, it is possible to look stylish while your riding. That being said, you have to search high and low to find flattering accessories, as most bike shops are woefully understocked in that department. But I’ve found some amazing accoutrements online that you bike lovers out there will wonder how you managed to live without, and I’m willing to share….

1 – Hot Helmet – Yakkay – Who would’ve thought a flattering helmet existed? Unfortunately, there are no US retailers as of yet, but several UK sites will ship to us (for a pretty penny.)

2 – Saddlebags – Brooks – I have been coveting these panniers for several months now, and the only thing holding me back (besides the price tag) is my fear that they will be swiped.

3 -Umbrella Holder – Japan – I really don’t think I can make it through another winter without this. Especially since I have such a phenomenal collection of Japanese umbrellas that I want to show off….and the exciting news is that Lille will finally be carrying a full selection of these beauties in a vast array of candy colors! Bring it on, rain….I dare you!

With the added bonus of the newly approved bicycle commuter tax break, there are no more excuses for gas guzzling commutes. What more do you need? Get on your bikes and ride!

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  1. poetas - January 12, 2009

    In Portland, Clever Cycles (where you probably got your bike) on Hawthorne has a lot of nice, stylish commuter type accesories for bikes, including these natural canvas and leather panniers (remarkably affordable too).

    Basil (who makes the bags) is a Dutch company, and they have a really large selection of baskets and bags that are available through their shop online (

    There are also a number of blogs and flickr groups dedicated to "Cycle Chic" – it's perfectly possible to be very stylish on a bike (much more so than in a car, in my opinion).

    I'm coveting an Azor myself, beautiful bike. Cheers!

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