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Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

All this talk about the economy and the election has me longing for some lighthearted fun – what better way to address this than gearing up for the ultimate escapist holiday: Halloween! This is, hands down, my favorite holiday of the year. There are no fussy cocktail parties with embarrassing alcohol-fueled encounters; no family fights over a carb-laden meal; no obligatory gift exchanges that disappoint everyone. Just pure, unadulterated fun, however you can get it – be it scaring the bejesus out of trick or treaters, donning an elaborate costume for a masquerade ball, or simply forgoing the diet in favor of gorging yourself on sweet treats. Believe me, nothing beats a sugar high in the wake of potentially dour economic times. So here are a few lingerie-themed costume ideas that will hopefully inspire you to look forward to brighter days and try not to dwell on the negative….

Marlene Dietrich Lola from The Blue Angel – This was my costume last year, and it was pretty easy to pull off. All you need is a white or silver top hat, ruffled pettipants, garters, stockings and some little arm cuffs. Granted, no one got it, but it was cute, nonetheless.

Titania the fairy queen from A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Don a floaty silk chemise (like the Galatea) with some wings and a bit of glitter, and there is an added bonus if you’re looking for a couple’s costume: your BF can go as Puck (Vulcan ears, a toga and some green body paint, good to go) or Bottom if he doesn’t mind being called an ass all night.

Louise Brooks, or any Chorus Girl from The Ziegfeld Follies – It’s really all about the headdress here, so grab some feathers and go crazy, but don’t forget a vintage nightgown or a sheer slip with a bralette and tap pants. You could also go for more of a ‘Ruby Keeler in 42nd Street’ look if you own a pair of tap shoes. The cute Lyell tap suit would suit this look quite well.

If anyone else has any good ideas that they’d like to share, please feel free! Try to avoid the Sexy-Fill-In-The-Blank ideas that have been done to death (i.e. sexy kitty, sexy nurse, sexy pirate wench, etc.)

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