The Great Debate

It’s hard to resist the urge to make the world wide web your own personal soapbox, especially in such a crucial time for our country, but politics and lingerie don’t really mix, in spite of the popularity of the Panties Against Palin sign. So, as much as I’d like to go off on a diatribe about last night’s debate and the mind-bogglingly immoral tactics the McCain camp has been employing as of late, I will restrain myself. Instead, I’d like to talk about a debate of a very different nature – that is, padded or molded bras vs. natural underwire or bralettes. I haven’t gone so far as to state publicly that I am anti-padding, but I think I have made my stance on the issue clear – women should not feel that a foam shield is mandatory armor for the workplace. Most of my customers come to Lille for our vast selection of alternatives to the many uncomfortable, synthetic, padded options available at tacky chains (ahem…Vicky, that means you) and department stores. They are tired of having that “Get this thing off of me!” feeling at the end of the day and want to treat themselves right in the morning when they are getting dressed. A nice, soft, pima cotton t-shirt bra like the Pima Goddess by Eberjey, or a supportive, fancy, mesh bra like the Eve Giggling by Stella McCartney is a surefire antidote to the bra fatigue caused by one too many days in an itchy foam contraption. Beyond comfort, there is an added bonus: your breasts will look like… well, breasts rather than two halves of a smashed grapefruit.

Now I know a lot of women feel that they “need” a padded bra, and it’s always for one of three reasons. Either they:

1) have prominent nipples

2) have rude male coworkers


3) think the girls are too small

In response, I say:

1) The natural shape of a breast is not something to be embarrassed about, and it doesn’t need to be hidden. The French understand this, which is why their lingerie is so much better than ours.

2) It’s 2008. We are grown-ups. I find it hard to believe that we can’t wear what we want under our clothing (and I’m not talking about flashing our ladybits or going braless) without fear of teasing, taunting or sexual harassment. If your workplace is the type that permits this sort of behavior, then I encourage you to seek employment elsewhere.

3) Ladies, please embrace your cup size! If you are one of the fortunate slim ones who doesn’t really need to wear a bra, then LUCKY YOU! You’ll never have to think about squeezing yourself into a strapless bra, foundation garment or merrywidow if you don’t want to. You can rock a wife beater on the weekends with nothing underneath it! No button bulge! And let’s face it, many modern garments just look better on you. So please, for the love of all that is holy, step away from the padded bra. You don’t need it.

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