She works hard for her money

In these troubled economic times, some of my customers are expressing concern about whether or not it is responsible to buy fancy lingerie in the middle of a credit crunch. My response is usually that it depends on how much you love it and/or need it. If you aren’t that crazy about lace, then you certainly don’t need the Chantilly Bra by Sabrina Nadal. If rompers seem complicated and fussy, then I would discourage you from trying on the new Silk Tapsuit by Lyell. Maybe you love Eres and Stella McCartney, but you need one or two simple staples that you will be able to wear for months, like the Bodas Smooth Tactel Underwire Bra or the Poet Chloe Chemise. Or perhaps you are like me, and you have a lingerie obsession.

If buying new undergarments makes you happy, then I think there is no reason to cut back on something you love. Nice lingerie sets the tone for your day, and good undergarments will make your outerwear last longer and need less laundering. I’ve found that the best solution to curbing my spending is to avoid trend watching and impulse buying. I can’t go into H & M, for example. I try to avoid the designer section at Target. And Forever 21 is strictly off limits. Because ultimately, low prices are only justifiable if you actually wear what you buy – and more than once. Lingerie gives you more bang for your buck because you wear it every day, and no one needs to know if you’re wearing the same bra or cami all the time – unlike say, a purple dress or an orange blouse, which can only be put on limited rotation in your wardrobe. To that end, a pricier bra like the Eve Giggling is a bargain, considering the number of times you will wear it. But please remember to always hand wash your delicates so that they last as long as they can. The Laundress products are a great option, but any gentle cleanser will do. I’ll be posting about laundering techniques tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few of the best valued items in the store for anyone looking to stretch their dollar:

Vera Wang Pearl Bridal Thong – $10

Eberjey Pima Goddess Low Rider Bikini – $12

Vera Wang Everyday Basic Thong – $15

Vera Wang Pearl Bridal Bustier – $20

Poet Lilly Boyshort – $20

Eberjey Pima Goddess T-Shirt Bra – $30

Dessous Scarlet Tap Panty – $38

Vera Wang Plunge Padded Underwire Bra – $39

Princesse Tam Tam Mascara Bralette – $54

Princesse Tam Tam Jalousie Underwire Bra – $54

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