First Friday – Build, Destroy, Rebuild by Andrew Glennie

“Build, Destroy, Rebuild” by Andrew Glennie is the next installment in our First Friday artist’s series. The subject of this new mixed-media exhibit is the contrast between the traditional idea of the home as a secure and safe place and that of the force of destruction.  His pieces incorporate materials that can be found in houses, such as linoleum flooring, paint and wood, adding a connection between the subject matter and the physical materials that are used to render it.  Their textures, colors and surfaces were utilized to create a stark and graphic contrast in the work.  Glennie had this to say of the concepts behind the show:

“The idea of questioning the permanence of one’s primary sanctuary in the world was the beginning of putting this work together. When someone’s home, their foundation in society, is destroyed, they suddenly find themselves uprooted, exposed and helpless. Our personal dwellings are more important to us than we may realize: they offer us protection and stability in an unpredictable world.  It is my hope that this work will inspire the viewer to reflect upon the role that where they live plays in their life, how it affects their state of mind and their emotional connection to their home.”

Please stop by tonight between 6pm-9pm to have a glass of wine and meet the artist.  We hope to see you then!

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