Lingerie Trends for Spring 2009

Lingerie Trends for Spring 2009

Having just recovered from my Market Week experience, I’m finally ready to share some of the highlights of my trip with you. Some of the trends I’m seeing for next season include:1 – Prints galore, on an even grander scale than those we’re seeing now. Designers are looking to the past for inspiration, as usual, but it’s refreshing to see unconventional sources like Impressionist paintings and non-repeating patterns that make each garment unique.

Printed Cami at Stella McCartney

2 – Bold colors like chartreuse, scarlet and violet will be huge for the Spring, in both lingerie and swimwear. It’s so great that ladies are finally breaking away from the traditional black-white-nude-pink box and going for something fun and flirty.

High Waisted Swimwear at Malia Mills

3- The high-waisted trend continues, much to my relief. A lot of people predicted it would be a flash in the pan, but I think women are realizing how flattering and comfortable this cut can be. Keep an eye on Lille for lots of this style in everything from lace to knit to swim in the coming months.

High Waisted Knit Panty by Dessous

4 – Metallics are in, as the space-age style that’s been prevalent in recent ready-to-wear collections infiltrates the Lingerie world.

5 – Onesies/Rompers/Teddies, in all their glory, are still hanging around, despite the best efforts of the GFY girls to demonize them.

Teddies at Tam Tam

6 – Better fabric choices, including more silk and organic cotton. The biggest change I’ve noticed is the addition of a Cotton/Silk blend to nearly every collection. What used to be an unusual fiber for lingerie is becoming ubiquitous, and I couldn’t be happier. It wears better than silk but feels better than cotton and drapes beautifully. Kudos to Nikki and Maayan at The Lake and Stars for pioneering that fabric choice!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about several of the exciting new lines that will be available at Lille starting in ’09. Of course, you can also expect to see lots of the fan favorites next season, including an expanded selection of supportive bras by Bodas, tons more of the wildly popular VPL and Stella McCartney lines, new colors from Araks in her signature cotton/silk and organic lines, more cozy loungewear from Dessous and tons of designer bathing suits. I can’t wait!

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