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A feather in your cap

A feather in your cap

Feather Earrings

We just got some new earrings in from a local designer named Susie, who uses only cruelty-free feathers in her simple, elegant designs that retail for just $24 a pair. She crafts interesting combinations of peacock, chicken, rooster and duck feathers that are very trendy and of-the-moment, but somehow classic in their appeal.Peacock Eye Feather Earrings I have a pair of the basic peacock eye earrings (pictured above) that I wear with a little feather cap on special occasions when I’m feeling a bit saucy, but I think the more subdued brown and beige tones would be appropriate for everyday wear, especially this Fall with all the earthy tones. I’m also a big fan of Art Deco/Art Nouveau peacock imagery, which can be found throughout the store on random pieces like this 1920s metal bucket which I’ve fashioned into an umbrella holder….

Peacock Pail

Isn’t it so cute! They just don’t make trash cans like they used to, do they?

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