Shirley Temple meets Maggie Gyllenhaal

Shirley Temple meets Maggie Gyllenhaal


Missing out on the Shirley Bikini top and matching Maggie Bikini bottoms is one of my biggest summer regrets. We had my size in the black when it first came in way back in the spring, but they sold out fast and I never had a chance to snap one up. The cute ruffles make the set super-flattering on just about every body type, and the fit is just perfect. It’s sweet but still edgy, thanks to a bit of retro inspiration coupled with streamlined, elegant design. But I have good news!

Fortunately for you slim ladies out there, we got a couple more – but only in Small and Medium. This one runs especially tiny, so neither of them will work for me, but if I could squeeze into one, I’d do it in a heartbeat! The Marine Azalea is a beautiful royal blue floral print (we’ve sold out of the blue/ivory combo.) I’ve attached a rough pic, and if you need more info on sizing, just give me a call. I apologize profusely to all the girls that are my size or bigger who begged me to get more. I tried, really I did!Shirley/Maggie

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