Real Life in Lingerie: Japanese Edition

Real Life in Lingerie: Japanese Edition

One of our happy customers who shops online from her hometown of Nogi (in the Shimotsuga District of the Tochigi Prefecture on the island of Honshu, Japan) was kind enough to send us a couple of snapshots of her in her favorite new Lille lingerie.

Lulia Short

Pictured above is the cute Lulia short in Tangerine from Araks Organics, paired with a vintage top. From what I gathered on their website, Nogi is an eco-friendly city not unlike Portland, except with more sunflowers. Their town slogan roughly translates to: “Water and Green Cleanse, Moisturize and harmony among people in the town”

Here is a message from their friendly mayor:

“Nogi town, to protect the rich natural environment, history and culture is important to the living environment more hospitable to grow, suitable for the 21st century, reform of a refreshing vitality to the city planning process.
町からのごみを再資源化する資源化センターは、皆さまのご協力により順調に軌道に乗り、リサイクルシステムのモデルとして広く知られ、ひまわりフェスティバルも地域の夏の風物詩となりました。 Town recycling waste into a resource center, helping us to provide a steady track of the recycling system as a model widely known, sunflower rites of summer festivals in the region. リサイクルの町として、ひまわりの里として、実り豊かな大地として、皆さまの心にふれ、さらに内外の皆さまにも野木町を知っていただけるホームページになりますよう積極的に情報を提供してまいりますので、ご理解とご協力をよろしくお願いいたします。 Recycling as a town, sunflower-ri as a fertile land rich, I would like to touch the hearts and Nogi and outside of town and I hope you know this site actively provide information to the future, so , Understanding and cooperation.

So it makes sense that our dear Japanese tomodachi would be so drawn to the organic cotton line from Araks. She also got the coveted Dasha teddy in Foam, which she has paired with another adorable vintage top in the photo below:

Dasha Teddy

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita for sharing!

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