Hot Weather Lingerie

Hot Weather Lingerie

Princesse Tam Tam Ballade set

It’s officially hot in here. When the heat index hits 90 degrees, I always have a hard time figuring out what I’m willing to wear under my clothes, not to mention what to wear to bed. I’ve never been able to sleep in the buff (too worried about emergencies in the middle of the night forcing me to stand naked in the street with my neighbors!) PJs are usually unbearable in the summer, so I typically opt for a pair of my husband’s boxers and a tank top, but sometimes even that is too much.

Fortunately, we recently got the absolute cutest summer lingerie from Princesse Tam Tam – the Ballade Bra, Panty, Cami and Boyshort. Made from a sheer cotton/silk voile, with the most adorable antique blue tree print, this one is definitely for the romantic at heart, but it’s still very practical, especially in the hotter months when you’d rather go commando. Details like tiny buttons, red stitching and tulle ribbon trim make you feel special even when your hair is plastered to your forehead and you smell like you’ve just run a marathon.

Ballade Cami

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