Helen Mirren’s Bikini

Helen Mirren’s Bikini

Helen Mirren

The Telegraph posted an interesting article today on the hullaballoo about Helen Mirren’s hot bikini photos, taken this week while she was on vacation in Italy. They point out how refreshing it is for a woman approaching 63 to be confident about her body, particularly in this age of botox and anorexia. If you haven’t already seen the amazing shots of the grand dame, which spread like wildfire on blogs yesterday, check them all out here.
Eres Bikini

At first, I thought that was a 2007 Eres bikini (above), but now I think it may be an older version of the “Smoking” suit by Princesse Tam Tam (below), though I may be wrong.

Smoking Bathing Suit by Princesse Tam Tam

Judging by the way it supports her ample bosom without digging in or revealing too much, either one is a safe bet. (FYI, their suits come in 32-38 A-E cups, XS-XL bottoms.) And yes, I do agree that she looks phenomenal in it. It goes to show that you don’t need to resort to the aforementioned “Mom suits” (with the skirts and hibiscus flowers and padding) just because you’re over 40. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, and knowing the suit is going to a) support you, b) not ride up, and c) not fall down is half the battle. My personal favorite in store right now that fulfills all those requirements in the Escale bikini in Tropical Blue, which we just got back in stock. Get ’em while it’s hot!

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