Cougar Lingerie

Cougar Lingerie

Kristen Schaal from Flight of the Conchords

At the risk of offending the brilliant and talented Kristen Schaal, I’m going to suggest a few items in the store that may appeal to the Cougar demographic. If you haven’t already seen her hilarious spoof on late show animal acts, where she condemns the use of the offensive (but c’mon…at least mildly amusing) term, check it out here.

Like all good design, form usually follows function when it comes to lingerie. Young women with A-B cups tend to veer towards the cotton crepe bralettes from Araks, whereas the ladies sporting C-D+ cups will opt for more supportive options like Vera Wang‘s Plunge Padded Underwire Bra. Beyond that basic distinction, I’ve found that you can’t always determine someone’s lingerie taste based on their outward appearance. A casual girl in jeans and a tee may opt for the frilliest lacy underthing in the shop, while a high-fashion lover may just want comfy cotton basics. That being said, I’m always a bit shocked when an older woman asks to see a black lace thong. This is primarily because I’m not a huge fan of thongs, (as I’ve stated before, with the exception of the Araks cotton g-string) and I can’t imagine wanting to endure any self-imposed discomfort in my golden years. But far be it for me to judge! Ladies, if you’re looking for sexy lingerie that works at any age and flatters even the most seasoned bosom or derriere, look no further than these lovely options:

Beau Bra Suggest Bra

Beau Bra Suggest Bra – sexy and supportive, this french chantilly lace bra with silk cups features the ultimate come-hither bow closure, and the matching Imply Thong is equally racy…. you can come up with your own double entendre about opening presents. Dolly Snogging Bra

Stella McCartney Dolly Snogging Bra – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – this bra is HOT. The racerback design is unique but practical, and the line it creates on the neck is just gorgeous. Slightly padded half cups provide lift, and the matching boyshort gives you amazing booty cleavage.

Eres Indiscrete Strapless BraEres Indiscrete Underwire Bra – Nothing makes you feel more sassy and in charge than a black mesh Eres bra. It’s powerful lingerie for powerful women. The matching Nelly Bikini is hot enough, but my bet is that the Cougars will opt for the Alea G-String instead. Happy hunting!

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