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VPL is here!

VPL is here!

VPL Bisectional Bra and Undies

We just received the first installment of our Fall VPL Order!!!! I practically attacked our friendly UPS driver to open the box, then assaulted his ears with an onslaught of squeals of delight at the contents. It’s only the first two sets, with lots more to come, but they are so incredible: the Bisectional Bra and Boyshort, pictured above, and the Tidal Bra and Striped Undie. I’ve attached a few blurry cell phone pix after the jump for those of you who just can’t wait to see them. (These are straight out of the box, not even steamed yet, so please forgive the wrinkles!)

Bisectional Bra and Undie by VPL

The Bisectional set is made from a heavy-duty acetate that could almost pass for bathing suit material, with heathered gray straps and beautiful contrasting silky triangle inserts. It has that 1920s Deco vibe that I can’t resist. High-quality construction and attention to detail is apparent, from the sturdy stitching right down to the dainty silver VPL plate.

Tidal Bra and Striped Undie by VPL

The Tidal bra is on a super-sheer, ultra soft modal base with cute top-stitching on the straps and a longer profile on the body – almost like those early Victorian camisoles worn under corsets. The Striped Undie comes in that same comfy modal, with alternating sheer and opaque stripes at the hips (adorable!) All are available in Petite, Small or Medium and retail for $175 top and $145 bottom. Only one of each in stock, so get yours fast!

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