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Tonight: New Photography by Chloe Richard

Tonight: New Photography by Chloe Richard

Chloe Richard

This Friday, June 6, 2008 from 6pm to 9pm, Lille Boutique will be hosting the first in a series of three Summer Photography Exhibitions by local artists. “Let Me In” is the upcoming show by French-born Portlander, Chloe Richard. A 2006 PNCA graduate, Richard’s most recent black and white candid portraits are a series of highly self-aware images. She focuses on the role a camera plays in dictating the “moment” that it is purported to be unbiased in capturing. Her portraits are subtle and oddly beautiful, although not always flattering. Her subjects, who are often her close friends, alternately challenge the lens or obviously pretend to ignore it. At first glance, the series seems to be about a certain assertive defensiveness that modern single women tend to possess, but upon further examination, the presence of the third party and the tension that a camera creates is clearly where the unifying attitude of her subjects arises, and is exactly what Richard has set out to chronicle.

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