Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Basket full of G-strings

The Araks Y-Thong just doesn’t get enough credit. Sure, we’ve blogged about it extensively, but I think customers sometimes overlook it as a practical panty option. It could be women’s aforementioned aversion to thongs/g-strings, or it could be the snazzy packaging it comes in – a cute square paper package with a small window to show off the color. As much as I love these little envelopes of panty goodness, it does manage to hide the Y-Thong from plain view.

But it’s hard to keep colors like these under wraps! And the sheer, comfortable cotton crepe makes this a perfect choice for the warm weather that is just around the corner (I hope.) This is the kind of easter basket I hope someone treats me to today. Who said it’s just about egg-hunts, chocolate bunnies and ham? I want panties!

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