Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!


Ok, so technically we have another month to go, but lately Portland has been teasing everyone with the kind of unseasonably warm weather that inspires rampant Spring Cleaning and bike rides galore. How much do you love the first few days of the thaw, when the city feels like it’s waking up from a long, dreary slumber? For me, this is the best time of year; the time when I start to get inspired to do more creative projects, or at least get out of the house more and do something fun every day. That also translates to more dressing up! It’s hard to summon up the desire to don a fantastic outfit when you have to cover it up with layer upon layer to keep warm, but when it’s 60 degrees and sunny, I just want to wear a pretty summer dress and some fantastic lingerie.

The Lake and Stars is number one in my book for warm-weather lingerie. Their Divorcée set fits the bill – great colors, super light fabric and those amazing flying fish charms! I predict this will be the in-demand set for spring, along with their “We’re on Break” romper – perfect with jeans and heels – or the “No Pressure” Bralette and Garterbrief for those fancy days when French stockings are required. We’re so excited about the new styles, which will be arriving soon – “Make Up Room” is an amazing silk/cotton set with jolts of color via chartreuse or tangerine trim. (Let us know now if you want us to hold anything for you, because we only ordered a few of these.) Can’t wait for Spring!!!!

RomperMake Up RoomMake Up RoomMake Up Room

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