New Lines! Part one…

New Lines! Part one…

The most exciting thing about February (besides my birthday, of course) is the discovery of new lines at market week. The hardest thing about it has to be summoning up the patience to wait four to seven months for our shiny new gems to arrive! But we’re having a tough time keeping the news to ourselves, so we thought we’d give our dear readers a sneak preview of the amazing new lingerie soon to be available at Lille Boutique:Guia Lab

Guia Lab, by Guia La Bruna

The creator of the world’s most exclusive lingerie, carried in only 60 shops worldwide, has unveiled a new collection of flirty silk nighties, bras and panties. You can imagine how excited we are to be the only store in Portland to carry it! Think Elise Aucouturier meets Eres, with incomparable construction and elegant Italian style. The best part is the price – significantly more affordable than her signature collection, pieces range from $50 to $200. Be sure to add your email address to our database so you’ll get first dibs when they start rolling in!

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