Fashion Week Recap…

Fashion Week Recap…

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While crazy, frenzied, fashion week is still going on, the lingerie component is finally over, and not a minute too soon. If I had to endure one more panty presentation in an overheated convention center, I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions. But don’t get me wrong; market week is definitely exciting. With more and more designers foraging into the realm of intimate apparel, it’s clear that the innerwear as outerwear trend is sure to continue through 2008. Everyone wants to show off their lingerie these days, so designers are giving us something more exciting than a white cotton bra to put on display!

Sara was definitely on the money with her Hot Trend Forecast for 2008. Lingerie made from organic cotton, bamboo and silk is getting easier to find as designers embrace eco-friendly fabrics. Jewel tones were all over the runways this year, with vermillion, indigo and chartreuse making prominent appearances. And vintage glamour is definitely back in the form of high-waisted panties, garter belts and teddies/rompers galore! Many lines are showing exquisite lace and intricate embroidery on silk camis and tap panties, hearkening back to a time before the thong. The art deco inspiration makes me squeal with delight, drawing out my inner flapper.

Some trends weren’t as predictable. I was surprised to see such a preponderance of tartan in lingerie. Though the reference seemed Scottish at times, scattered metal fittings like studs and grommets proved designers were channeling the Sex Pistols more than the clansmen. Hard edges juxtaposed with soft fabrics took top priority on several occasions. The Lake and Stars, in particular, play with the concept of Masculine vs. Feminine in their designs, and this trend was clearly visible in their Fall collection.

Romance and pragmatism seemed to be at odds with one another this season. The sporty athleticism of so many styles stood in sharp contrast to the flowing delicacy of others. I was pleased to see the Grecian inspiration that has been prominent in recent seasons (owing no small debt to HBO’s brilliant but canceled ‘Rome’ series, in my opinion) continued in the form of long nightgowns with empire waists and braided trim– it’s a perfect trend for lingerie that results in soft, comfortable garments with flattering cuts and interesting details.

Finally, prints are the new black, so to speak. Everyone is showing a different pattern, whether it be Asian-themed, floral or abstract. 60s mod styles are scattered here and there, and bold colors are ubiquitous. These designs are definitely meant to be shared, not hidden, so start shopping for sheer blouses and layering pieces to show them off!

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