I love you, jetblue.

Sara was right about one thing: flying is awful. Don’t get me wrong – I love to travel, but the whole act of getting there really impacts my wanderlust. I tend to fly only a few times a year, and I’ve gotten rather rigid and unyielding in my expectations. They are as follows:

1. Number of acceptable transfers for continental flights: 0.

2. In-flight entertainment = personal direct tv. Call me crazy, but if I can’t watch back-to-back episodes of Project Runway, it’s a deal-breaker.

3. The cost of the ticket must be close to, if not less than, the cheapest fare on orbitz or travelocity.

4. Plush, cushy leather seats and plenty of legroom are not necessarily mandatory, but strongly impact the decision making process.

5. The fare must be refundable, and cancellations or exchanges must be quick, affordable and painless.

Amazingly, only one airline offers all of this and more: Jetblue. While this may sound like a paid advertisement for the company, I assure you it is just a synopsis of my personal experience, most recently with their easy-breezy online flight management option. You can change your flight for just $50 in a matter of seconds! I know some people have encountered unacceptable delays and been trapped on planes for hours with the very same airline, but I have been fortunate enough not to run into that (knock on wood.)

So another key component to my travel sanity is not checking bags. This means that I bring only a few pieces of clothing with me, all of which must be wrinkle-free, versatile and comfortable. I usually take the red eye to New York on buying trips, so I need to wear something I can sleep in that is appropriate to wear to an appointment when I step off the plane at 8am. I can’t stand looking disheveled, but I refuse to sleep in dress clothes. That’s where lingerie that doubles as outerwear comes in handy. The Celine camisole by Dessous is perfect for layering – you can throw an old sweater over it for the trip, then slip on a blazer when you land and you’re ready to go. You could do the same with the Araks Petra cami, which doubles as a bra – this will make that horrible neck-crunching mid-flight nap a little less constrictive. Finally, if you’re fortunate enough to be able to go completely braless, I highly recommend the Skin Keyhole top. It’s incredibly flattering, modern and fashionable, but so soft and comfortable that you won’t even mind that kid kicking your chair or the old man drooling on your shoulder.

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