Girls vs. Boys

Girls vs. Boys

No Pressure

As most of our customers can attest, Lille is not your typical lingerie store. We don’t carry any adult toys, we stray from thongs and costumes, and none of the lingerie is “Made in China of 100% nylon.” We tend to appeal more to women than men; a fact that we think means we’re doing our jobs right. That’s not to say we don’t carry sexy lingerie – it’s just not our focus. There are hundreds of shops out there that offer Hanky Panky thongs; very few offer a vast selection of pima cotton and silk options, handmade in New York and Paris. This is seldom an issue, but occasionally, we run into a customer or company that just doesn’t understand where we’re coming from.

I ran into this situation this week when trying to place a Valentine’s Day ad that highlighted one our most spectacular new sets – the previously blogged about No Pressure bralette and garterpanty by The Lake and Stars. The gorgeous shortbread/silver set sold out in just two days, (don’t worry – we just got more today!) and makes the perfect gift. We think they’re just about the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, but I guess some boys just don’t get it. We sent off the cute pic of the model wearing the garterbrief over a pair of tights, and the response was “I see this pic appealing more to the girls than the gents.” So, alas, we had to change our ad to a pic of a model tossing her hair around in a skimpier outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I love sexy lingerie too, I just wish the boys would open their minds a bit. After all, a girl is going to be 10 times sexier in an outfit that she actually likes because she’ll be that much more confident in it! And there’s the obvious benefit of purchasing something with her needs in mind…she’ll actually wear it.

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