Anatomy of a Panty Drawer: pt. 5

Anatomy of a Panty Drawer: pt. 5

Araks Petra Cami

Part Five: Camisoles

Versatile and comfortable, camisoles or camis are a staple in any wardrobe. This sleeveless, close-fitting garment can be worm with or without a bra, under clothing or on its own, and makes an excellent layering piece for the winter months. Pair it with leggings under dress pants and a sweater, and you have the feminine equivalent of men’s long underwear.

As I’ve previously mentioned, camisoles are often my saving grace. When I’ve got a special occasion to dress for that requires a certain amount of subtlety, I have to suppress the urge to show up in my fanciest vintage party dress because after all, this is Oregon, and it just doesn’t make sense to be all decked out for a friend’s art opening or a casual birthday party. This is when my lovely camisole collection helps me out. I can pair my silky embroidered Dessous cami with a low-cut Catherine Malandino top, throw on some skinny jeans and heels, and I feel smart but understated. That 1940s prom dress will just have to wait for…god, when am I ever going to get to wear that thing?!

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