The Axe-hole Effect

The Axe-hole Effect

Breathing Device

My husband and I were at the Doug Fir last night, having a grand old time, when we were assaulted by an overpowering cologne so offensive that it seemed to permeate every log. The poor waitresses and bartenders were pinching their noses and gagging into their aprons, while the unsuspecting patrons went on about their business of polluting the air. Having been blessed/cursed with an unusually powerful sense of smell, I was immediately nauseated and began to scan the room for the offenders.

Three clueless foreigners were the culprits, though I suspect they weren’t the only ones in the house that had doused themselves in body spray for a night on the town. This seems to be a recurring phenomena these days among young men and women alike. Whether they’re trying to cover up poor personal hygiene or have just been duped by those Axe commercials, I don’t know, and I don’t care. Bottom line, they are invading my air space and making me sick to my stomach, and it just has to stop!

I propose, as an alternative, soaking in a lovely tub of Leaves bath salts by Elizabeth W or Fig bath gel by Côté Bastide. For a limited time, all bath and body products at Lille Boutique are 15% off when you purchase two or more. The heavenly scents make your skin soft, smooth and naturally fragrant. Now doesn’t that sound better than clogging your pores with a product made by the same manufacturer that brought you mayonnaise, popsicles and vaseline? Seriously.

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