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Sunny Day Lingerie

Sunny Day Lingerie

Like so many Pacific Northwest transplants, I believe I am afflicted with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), though I have yet to confirm this self-diagnosis with a medical professional. When the interminable rain begins in Portland, usually around Thanksgiving, the optimistic, happy-go-lucky persona I employ for the greater part of the year takes a 180, and I become markedly irritable, nostalgic and melancholic. In a word, SAD. Fortunately for my loved ones, it doesn’t rain every day here, contrary to popular belief. We do get the occasionally respite:


Honestly, I never thought a forecast of 43 and Fair could bring me such unmitigated joy. In 24 hours, I went from feeling like this:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

to this:

Sunny Frolic

This sort of mood always makes me want to put in that extra effort when getting ready – dress up, carefully apply my make-up, curl my hair, etc. I’m much more likely to don a vintage dress, fantastic stockings and high heels on a sunny day. Thank goodness I have a wide selection of hosiery to choose from. The Vintage Silk Crocheted Stockings in both Ivory and Black are my favorites, by far. A close runner up would be the Thigh-Hi Angora Socks by Miss Dater, which I have only in Ivory, but I plan on snapping up both the very festive Cranberry and the gorgeous Baby Blue when they come in next week. I also have a small selection of Vintage Nylon Stockings that I am afraid to wear for fear of ruining their sheer silky loveliness, but you only live once, right? More than anything, I’m on the lookout for stockings by Antipast, an amazing Japanese hosiery company, but I can’t seem to find them. Let me know if you do!

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