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Holiday Photo Shoot

Holiday Photo Shoot

Check out these great pix from our holiday photo shoot last night:

Kathleen in The Lake and StarsKathleen in DessousKathleen in SkinKathleen in Eres

Kathleen is the lovely model pictured above, and obviously she looks fantastic in silk, particularly in those soft blushy colors. We’ve been trying to diversify our ad campaign as of late, showing a wider variety of models in our favorite Lille lingerie. This serves to show that anyone, regardless of size, body shape or skin tone, can look amazing in underwear. Real girls like us love to see this, and showing the products on women that haven’t been photoshopped to death gives an honest perspective in an otherwise doctored market.

It’s a shame so many lingerie companies, designers and stores show just one type of model – usually a size 2, silicon-boobed tanorexic wearing too much make-up. (I hate to bring up VS twice in one week, but really – who wears crimson lipstick to a pajama party?) No one I know looks like that. I understand the point of showcasing garments on models who are going to make them look the best they could possibly look, but at the same time, it’s not terribly informative, is it? For example, say you’re skinny. Odds are you aren’t very amply busted. You probably belong to Sara’s IBT club, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But how can you tell if the bra is going to work for you when all the skinny models have implants? Now let’s say you have my problem – big thighs. This is a fairly common trouble area for women. There are some very flattering cuts out there, and then there are those that accentuate the dreaded pear shape. Again, there really is no way to tell how a panty will fit unless you see it on a normal-sized woman or try it on yourself.

In this age of e-commerce, we need to be able to see our options. That’s why I was thrilled to find out about a new site called KnickerPicker.com. You can choose from three real-life sized models who walk across the screen in your selected lingerie, demonstrating the fit on a normal woman. Unfortunately, their selection is very limited and they’re located in the UK, but it’s still a fantastic idea, and I have to give them points for being the first ones to employ such useful technology.

We are definitely trying our best to make strides towards normalcy and equality in the fashion photo department. We would love to photograph women of all ethnicities and are actively searching for models in the Portland area, so if you fit the bill and don’t mind posing in your skivvies, please drop us a line!

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