Holiday Hangover

Holiday Hangover

Catnip Hangover

Well, you’ve made it through another Christmas – overindulging in those rich, fatty foods, drinking one too many glasses (or bottles) of champagne and feigning gratitude for the 29th ugly sweater from Aunt Jeannie. Going through the arduous process of returning an unwanted gift is such a drag. Thank goodness for Gift Cards! You can skip the hellish mall crowds and shop online in your pajamas, nursing your hangover with a mimosa. Even if you didn’t get the plastic fantastic from the store of your choice, you can always log on to any of the dozens of sites (i.e,, etc.) that have cropped up lately to facilitate gift card exchanges from big box stores like Target and Home Depot.

Fortunately, for any gentleman smart enough to have given a Gift Certificate to Lille Boutique, that thought probably wouldn’t even cross the lucky lady’s mind! We’re thrilled with the number of men who overcame their fear of the panty to come in and purchase gift cards, and we’re even more pleased with the ones who went out of their way to personally select a lovely lingerie set for their gal. Rest assured, if that bra doesn’t fit just perfectly, you can bring it back to exchange for size or store credit until January 5th. And for those of you who didn’t make it in yet, there’s always Valentine’s Day!

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