Christmas Warmth

You’ve racked your brain trying to think of a present for that special lady on your list this holiday season. You’ve scoured the malls, toured the DIY craft fairs and shopped online in the wee hours of the morning, to no avail. You’ve nixed clothing (the size issue), gift cards (too impersonal) and electronics (not romantic enough.) What’s left? It’s pretty obvious, actually….jewelry. The most romantic gift of all. But don’t be swayed by those cheesy Zale’s commercials. No one I know would be caught dead in a diamond heart pendant. Not only are diamonds expensive, but they’re also controversial. Sure, most mall stores claim their stones are all conflict-free, but can you really be sure?

Better to be safe than sorry – go local. All the lovely necklaces and earrings at Lille are made by local designers who cut their own gemstones and use interesting techniques like oxidizing silver to give it an antique patina, or embossing the metal with leaf impressions. Not only are the pieces unique and hand-crafted, but they’re also affordable, ranging in price from $20 to $80. South African Opal earrings and Gray Moonstone necklaces are among the offerings, many of which are one of a kind. You don’t have to worry about knowing her size, and every woman loves receiving a hand-picked piece of jewelry from someone she adores. It’s a gift she’ll seldom treat herself to, but when she receives it, she’s sure to feel special!

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